Jillian Jamison

Founder and Managing Director

Jillian is the founder and managing director of Amphitrite Advisory. Jillian started Amphitrite to realize her dream of bringing personal excellence into corporate tax departments by creating technologies for companies driven to bring out the best in their people. Jillian has experience in leading global teams in designing and implementing tax reporting systems. Her background in tax technologies, process design, and account management have formed her mindful but competitive approach. Her personal philosophy is that she is motivated by innovation, driven to contribute, and excels in environments that are led by people who are inspired by change.

Jillian has extensive of experience in tax and accounting, with almost a decade solely dedicated to the tax technology and automation space. Prior to starting Amphitrite, she worked at both Deloitte Tax LLP and Thomson Reuters where she led global implementations of income tax provision and compliance systems. Jillian is also a certified instructor of True Colors International, a personality assessment which allows her to provide guidance on how to best position and uncover talents of her tax team members and clients.

Jillian is proud to be part of the circle of women business owners who have inspired women to take action and become entrepreneurs. She is a member of Ellevate Network and the NYC circle of Lean In. Through her inspiration from other women, she is dedicated to elevating women in the business community.

Jillian lives in New York with her husband, son, dog, and two cats. When she’s not working, she focuses on creating a life and home with purpose. She believes positive energy in personal and work-life begins with a healthy mind, body, and spirit. She is a minimalist vegan; and loves to exercise, meditate, read, and volunteer at her local YMCA.

Personal Philosophy on where I am going:
“Anywhere I choose I am an entrepreneur”

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