Income Tax Provision (ASC 740) Software Implementation

Our team can deliver an end-to-end solution in record time, all for one fixed fee.

We take a five-step approach that’s been proven to create the results our clients love:

  1. Agile implementation using scrum project management
  2. Clearly-defined responsibilities, milestones and deliverables
  3. Utilize Workpaper, Excel Add-In, and RPA tool accelerators to automate processes and enhance reporting at no additional charge
  4. Real-time client onboarding, training and open-knowledge sharing
  5. Ultimate resource and support during replication, parallel, go-live, and post go-live

We implement every aspect of the tax provision process from the upload of the trial balance to the generation of the tax journal entry. Most, if not all, of the build is actually done by the application’s owners (e.g. your staff) in record time.

Our design philosophy is to use automation and reporting to reduce manual entry to the point that it is completely eliminated. We create enhanced reporting that even the standard applications are not able to create using visualization and analytics tools. We push the systems to the max and go beyond what the system can generate.

Tax Process Automation | Excel | Software Tools | RPA

All of our clients benefit from a library of bots that can perform repeatable tasks in a controlled environment. This includes analytics, reporting, and much more. Best of all, they do all of this for free.

We will also provide you with an equally large amount of Workpapers for assisting you with automating essential calculations, such as:

  • Tax Reform Rate Change

If you need any Workpapers built, we can do so for a fixed fee.

Reporting and Analytics

Your company may have a large amount of raw data, but are you able to glean helpful insights from it? Our reporting and analytics platform can help by harvesting the types of actionable insights that lead to timely business decisions while managing risks. You’ll benefit from better awareness that will lead to regularly making better decisions that will automatically lead to better results for your business.

Tax Department Assessments

Our company will take a much different approach to assessing your tax department. We focus on aligning the data, processes, and technology to the people on your team.

This entails utilizing the True Colors model for understanding the personality styles within the tax department. By identifying the personalities of each person on your team, we can better understand their actions, motivations, and preferred methods of communication, among other things.

After that, we can create a customized solution that will help your corporate tax team meet its full potential by positioning each member of your team so they are able to do their best work.