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Connecting Our Clients to Exceed Their Tax Process, Automation, and Technology Goals

Our goal is to elevate the lives of the personnel in the corporate tax departments. As our client, your company can set ambitious corporate tax automation goals with confidence. We will take massive steps to realize these goals.

We understand the limitations of tax technologies and software, that is why the team at Amphitrite Advisory is future focused working hard to identify data-driven processes that are technology enabled and streamlined. We started Amphitrite to serve the corporate tax community with a single purpose: Service with Excellence.

We are a Movement to Elevate Lives of Corporate Tax Departments
Here is how we do it:


Income Tax Provision (ASC 740) Software Implementation

We implement ONESOURCE, Corptax and Longview tax provision softwares with minimal adoption time so that you can start to experience the incredibly powerful results immediately.


Tax Process Automation | Excel | Software Tools | RPA

Reduce the likelihood of human error and increase your team’s overall efficiency.  Automate your essential processes, so your people can give their full attention to the tasks that require their unique skills. You never need to start with a blank slate.  We have a library of automation tools that we can use with the tax provision softwares.


Reporting and Analytics

The most effective way to achieve the tax results you want is by continually monitoring the process. Our reporting and analytics platform will provide greater insight into data to enable and support timely business decisions while managing risks.


Tax Department Assessments

Our philosophy is to position members of a tax organization to succeed.  We apply a strengths-based approach to the People | Process | Technology trifecta. Would you like to discover where your company’s tax department is strong and develop a roadmap to create change?  We find the black swans in your tax department and create massive moves.

Our Approach


ROWE (Results Only Work Environment)

We charge a fixed fee for tangible and meaningful milestones we set together. As long as the engagement assumptions remain unchanged, we consider everything in scope. We believe our clients need to see results every step of the way. Fees are earned when milestones are achieved rather than hours incurred. Our people get paid for results, our clients get invoiced by results.


Agile Software Implementation

Taking an agile approach to software implementation means the project is finished on time and on budget. This approach is iterative, incremental, flexible, and interactive with staff on demand and standardized workpapers.


Collaborative Deployment

Our approach to working with our clients is personalized and collaborative – working hand in glove, understanding our clients’ goals, expectations, and vision for success. We believe in joint responsibility and accountability that includes integrated client onboarding, training, and open knowledge-sharing. Our clients are immediately able to leverage our tools with confidence and know we are there for them every step of the way.



Our suite of powerful automation tools and accelerators are designed to bring greater transparency into the sources and output of data for corporate tax teams. These tools increase accuracy and controls while reducing the amount of time required to reach essential KPIs. This enables team members to focus on the tasks that most require their attention and skills.


Ongoing Resources

As our client, you can reach out to us with questions, troubleshooting, and other support without having to worry about extra add-on costs. It’s part of our service and our dedication to helping you reach your goals during the engagement and beyond.


Value Driven

We are not a big firm and we don’t pretend to be. It’s not about capturing the longest client list; it’s about creating a long list of successful clients. We maintain a client scale to ensure each client gets the value they deserve.


Open Source

Our approach is to bring knowledge-sharing to the forefront of our service and the corporate tax community. We want our clients armed with knowledge to bring out the best in their people and influence the broader tax community. Thusly, we created a “Forum” to encourage the knowledge-sharing and co-creation of tools among the corporate tax community – we feel knowledge is that important! A strong knowledge-sharing community coupled with the right technology and tools – more power behind the punch!

Our Passion

What is the driving force behind Amphitrite Advisory?

We want to elevate the lives of corporate tax department personnel by providing them with precision automation tools and processes that free up their time while also increasing accuracy and controls.

Training Events

The design, content and materials of our training programs are defined by your company’s process. We’ve designed them with two main goals in mind:

  • First, we know that our programs need to be engaging if they’re going to grab and keep your team’s attention. By basing our training on an understanding of the four learning styles – visual, auditory, logical, and kinesthetic – we have been successful at connecting with all kinds of professionals, no matter which style they prefer.
  • Second, our programs are full of actionable advice. We know that engaging your team is only helpful if we give them information that they can immediately put to use.

If you’d like to completely transform your department so that they are immediately better able to produce the results your company needs, our training events are the solutions you’re looking for.

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Income Tax Provision Automation Training on ONESOURCE

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RPA for Tax Departments

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True Colors for Tax Departments

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