About Us


Our mission is to be open source peer-to-peer platform that will

“Promote the free sharing and co-creation of world-changing processes using technology within the corporate tax community to elevate the lives of tax professionals with purpose and mastery.”

About our company

Connecting our clients to exceed their tax process, automation, and technology goals

Amphitrite Advisory was born out of a desire to connect teams and develop people. Our dream is to enable people to lead with purpose and mastery while uncovering their gifts. What started as a services company providing tax technology services to serve the needs of the corporate tax community, has now turned into a platform of development delivering an entirely new way to connect with the tax community and co-create tax solutions. The way we achieve our mission is by conducting tax department assessments; process automation; implementing income tax provision software; and tying it all together in a tax reporting and analytics peer-to-peer platform.

Our Philosophy

At Amphitrite Advisory, we believe the only way to help a client is to first completely understand their income tax process vision, gaps, expectations, and ideas. Our ideal client is a company that is committed to being world-class by leading in everything they do and performing at their peak. When you are successful, we are in purpose!

We understand the limitations of tax technologies and software, that is why the team at Amphitrite Advisory is future focused working hard to identify data-driven processes that are technology enabled and streamlined.

Most importantly, our processes are repeatable so that they are easily transferable to tax associates. We help tax leaders reduce manual work in their income tax provision processes; we maximize the use of technology to suit the goals of their tax departments; we want you to achieve full automation in a cost-efficient manner without having to become dependent on consultants or software vendors. We answer your questions and remain a resource for support throughout the process and beyond – it’s part of our service even if you are not a client. For us it’s about the impact and not a fee.

Our goal is to reposition tax departments within an organization as a value creating entity. We enable our clients to appear in a world where they can do more than being good at their work, they can focus on doing good things that will elevate not only the tax department but their entire company.

Our People

Jillian Jamison
Kim Durum